Changes in Digital Marketing

Changes in Digital Marketing

What is changing in Digital Marketing?

Email marketing

Approval to use email address must be given and not be assumed. If you don’t have explicit permission to send email messages to your clients, DO NOT send anything!

Approval plays important role in digital and direct utilization of data such as email address. If we analyze the regulation regarding approval, there are certainly some guidelines describing the matter and the importance of approval.

  • As “consent” of a person for using his data is considered any free, specific, updated and indisputable indication of the user’s wish to utilize his data, with which himself with a statement or with an explicit affirmative action, agrees to have his personal data processed about him (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • You must be able to prove how the user has consented in data processing, which means that marking has to record each users approval.
  • The user must be able to withdraw his approval at anytime (right to oppose) and this process must be a simple thing to do. This must be reflected in the policy and the procedure to withdraw his approval.
  • Users’ approval must include all processing actions regarding the same processing intentions.
  • In case processing has to do with multiple intentions, user must give his consent for all those intentions.
  • Consent is not considered free if user does not have genuine or free choice in data retention.
  • Silent consent does not constitute consent.

Based on the above the basic rule is that consent must be explicitly given, not implied. Many companies already have updated their web pages and now state the intention of data collection and the explain usage.

Events / Competitions

Data collected from people’s participation in events or competitions cannot be used for other reasons like sending emails, calling or sending SMS to their telephones e.t.c. Data collected can only be used for purposes regarding the specific event or competition. For every other use there must be a person’s written consent with ability to freely choose to opt out.

Advertising / Search Engines & Social Media

It is probably understood that with the enforcement of GDPR rules, companies will face an important issue because they will not be able to use targeted advertizing on their clients through email. Good or bad, the fact is that client databases will dramatically shrink.

The solution seems to be coming from Google and Social Media. But this will bring an increase to advertising budget. Facebook already produces poor results when searching without advertising , in comparison to past behavior, for companies trying to communicate their news and products in feeds. The ability for a consumer to locate a company through Google’s search advertizing or banner display, constitutes a permanent monthly cost and possibly the easy solution for companies not having large advertizing budgets.

In Google Search Network and Markets, companies must optimize their campaigns by adjusting their offer based on data they know about their client’s activities.

In Gmail also, by using personalized ads at the top of incoming messages’ tabs, it is possible to attract clients or similar audiences. In YouTube you can attract new audiences, by targeting audiences similar to your most valuable clients.