Digital Strategy​

Incorporating Company Social Responsibility (CSR)
to digital marketing strategy

How can Company Social Responsibility (CSR) help in digital marketing? In which degree a company owes its success to society? Are businesses obliged to return a dividend of their success back to society through Digital CSR?

Company Social Responsibility is not for large corporations anymore who hold charity events. Today more and more consumers think beyond price and quality. Results from internet social media reveal that businesses are increasingly trying to connect to their audience with an entertaining, informative and authentic voice on critical issues. These can be as simple as assuring poison free products or promotion of a healthy way of life.

Company Social Responsibility actions on internet are a critical step for interacting and creating connections with new users. Every time we apply digital CSR actions together with our clients, entrance of new users rises vertically.

Today digital CSR contributes in maximizing trademark profit and exercising social interest, almost the same.

At Bluemind we have worked on digital CSR actions for women with breast cancer and car accident prevention. We know the ways to incorporate Company Social Responsibility strategy in business strategy and link it with the brand. We support the strategic alignment of Company Social Responsibility and trademark, by using an integrated implementation plan, containing initiatives, messages and supportive business points.

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