"At Bluemind.gr we do not offer you simple services in the construction of websites and eshops, but we offer you integrated bespoke solutions, characterized by know-how, expertise, creativity and an environment of innovation so that you can successfully develop your business as you cooperate with us.

At Bluemind.gr we understand more about your business... We understand you!"

Renata Zacharopoulou

E-Commerce Consultant - SEO Expert

Head of Bluemind Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Agency in Greece

Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων

Website Development

Website design begins with a phase of discovery and strategy. We get all the information about the company, the differentiation of its value, the competitive landscape and the goals for the project.
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Επιδότηση για κατασκευή eshop

E-shop Development

Every eshop we create, every element and feature that is developed for our customers, should not only have an amazing result but also a purpose.
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Κατασκευή ιστοσελίδων – ΕΣΠΑ

SEO on site & off site

SEO services on site and off site are not only to improve the visibility of your website in search engines, but also to create visitor traffic to your website or your online store.
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Διαφήμιση Google Ads

Paid Search

When it’s about online advertisements, paid search in Google, Bing and Yahoo is your arsenal. We are the specialists with technical knowhow and with inventive ideas about paid advertising on search machines
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Specialized Digital Marketing Services

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy​

What sets us apart from competition is the fact that we combine our experience in traditional with online communication. We are proud our clients totally understand this diversification. Our strategic choice to adapt for internet, everything we have been taught in pre-internet era, justifies our cause daily.
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Digital CSR Campaigns

Digital CSR Campaigns

How can Company Social Responsibility (CSR) help in digital marketing? In which degree a company owes its success to society? Are businesses obliged to return a dividend of their success back to society through Digital CSR?
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Web Exports Services

Web Exports Services

Integrated service for businesses that want to turn to new markets. Our new service offers Greek businesses the possibility to promote themselves to places where prospective clients will locate them at a reduced cost, at about 60% of every other activity to bring clients.
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We know that we can create successful partnerships with you anywhere in the world.

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