Ε-shop Development

At Bluemind Digital Marketing we see the construction of your eshop with a creative and strategic point of view.

In every online store, where we create every element and feature that is developed for our customers, it should not only be amazing in result, but also serve the purpose of its creation.

Responsive design

A responsive design ensures that your eshop will adapt to every single device used to access your site. The best websites automatically resize all content, images and functions for mobile devices, tablets and destop.

Suggested pages

If the product search point in your online store gives results, the "offers" indication will help you sell more, sending visitors to additional products or categories.  

Related products

In the construction of eshop, we make sure that each page includes suggestions for similar products or in addition to the product that the visitor sees in front of him.

Use of social media notification

By applying Social Media share buttons to your product pages, you can encourage your customers to present their products to their friends.

Filtering products

An important tool in the construction of the eshop that we create is the provision of multiple search filters so that the visitors of your site can easily locate the product they want. They can filter the pages of your categories based on prices, popularity, color, size, material and more.

Product details

It is very important for eshop to provide all the information about your product. Detailed description, photos of different downloads for each of your products can bring your online store first to the preferences of the online audience.

Payment confirmation applications - Connect with banks & PayPal

At Bluemind we know your customer's need for immediate confirmation that the transaction has been completed successfully. We also make sure that he receives the confirmation of his order and its payment by email. We want your customer to feel safe from interacting with the eshop of your business.

Of course at Bluemind Digital Marketing you can be sure of the successful connection of your eshop with the banks and the paypal for the electronic payments.

Our Latest Projects

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