Website SEO

SEO is the promotion of a website to the organic results of Google

A successful SEO website promotion means that your page should appear on the 1st page of Google for specific keywords, ie within the first 10 results.

Website SEO, concerns techniques that are applied to your website, for its ranking on the first page of Google's organic results.

Users will not type in the address of your website, but instead search for it, if any, from Google's organic results.

In order to promote the website through SEO we need to check:

Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Keyword Density
Friendly Urls

Why is it worth being the 1st page on Google?

83% of users search the internet.
94% of users trust websites that are in organic results, not in paid search searches.
50% of the company's customers come from a Google search.
45% of users go to the 2nd page of Google

We are constantly monitoring Google's algorithm and you can be sure that we will do our best for the online marketing of your business. Even if in the past you have received a Google penalty we can help. With a 100% success rate in removing the Google penalty with backlink analysis.

Form of Interest

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