Website SEO promotion with blogs

Website blogs play an important role in SEO promotion. And when we say promotion with SEO we mean the process of having a website appear on the first page of Google search results.

A SEO friendly text can bring thousands of visits to a web page. And we say thousands because we are talking about a text written in Greek. If it is a text written in English with all the rules defined by Google then we can talk about millions of visits...

What is a SEO friendly blog ?

Blogs that are written in the framework of promotion with SEO follow the needs of your business and the rules of SEO. For example, your company wants to target some keywords to appear in the first position of Google results when an interested Google user makes a related search.

The text that follows the rules of SEO has included everything that Google requires, both in the writing of the text and in its proper addition to the website.

SEO article writing by professional writers

The writing of articles for websites at Bluemind Digital Marketing is done by professional editors-article writers in collaboration with digital marketing experts. Cooperation between them is necessary, as before writing a text, the competition and the dynamics of searches by Google users should be checked.

Where does a article appear for SEO promotion on a web page ?

Many consider that it is a panacea for texts to promote with SEO to appear on the Blog of the website or eshop. This is a false impression, as a text for SEO can appear in the services or even in the corporate presentation (about us page) of a website or an eshop.

Can I have plain text on the website or does all text have to be SEO friendly?

Ideally, every text that belongs to the content of the website should be written according to Google's rules and should serve SEO.

Our experience has shown that websites that followed the SEO strategy had faster recognition by Google and more immediate results than other websites that applied SEO rules only to the Blog.

If I apply SEO to all the articles on my website is it ok after that?

SEO promotion is a daily task. You should monitor your performance in organic results on Google and take corrective action when you see your ranking position drop. This may be due to a better text of your competitor or to the technical part of your website or your server.

I own a Eshop. How could I include articles for SEO promotion ?

The intense competition of ecommerce justifies the eshops who maintain an updated blog! Your customers are looking for the added value in what you offer. So if you can give them more information about your products, then do so in the Blog section. If you don't have a blog then we can add it to your eshop.

I'm in the process of building a website. Can you write the articles for my website?

Of course we can! For businesses that are in the stage of building a website, even if we have not undertaken the construction, we can write SEO friendly articles for websites. We need an update from you about your activity and then we deliver the original material to you so that you can make the necessary corrections for the final configuration of the articles.

What other kind of articles can you write about my company?

With professionalism and consistency we can write for you website artictles, interviews for print and electronic Mass Media, corporate presentations, product presentations speeches for presentations, press releases, articles for print and electronic Mass Media.

Our experience even in journalistic texts is great, as we know in depth the way the Mass Media want a text of journalistic interest from your company.

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