Car rental website development by Bluemind

The project for the development of a car rental website (rent a car) was undertaken by Bluemind Digital Marketing on behalf of Pantazis Cars.

Pantazis Cars has been active in the automotive sector for 20 years, with the main concern of creating trustful relationships with its customers.

The consolidation of Pantazis Cars in the used car sector was a major challenge and a big gamble, expressed through its upward trend, having built step by step relationships of trust and security with its customers.

Website development for a car rental website

The specifications of the project awarded to Bluemind for the construction of a car rental website (rent a car) are:

Online booking-reservation confirmation

Confirmation of car reservations through the Soft1 automated system.  

– Automatic update of the online payment of the advance payment.

– Confirmation once the advance payment is made offline

– Automatic confirmation regardless of the advance payment.

Cancellation of a rental car reservation

Create a page with a cancellation function with a code for customer convenience and a cancellation confirmation email to the customer.

Payment methods for payment in advance

  • Online payment via PayPal
  • Pay online through a partner bank - connection with a bank
  • Payment by credit card (offline)
  • Bank account deposit (offline)

Delivery and collection charge for rental vehicle depending on location

For each delivery and pickup location served, there will be the option of automatic billing per location. Prices will be subject to change depending on the duration of the rental.

Delivery and collection cost of a car outside working hours

The delivery - pickup of a vehicle is quite often required to be done at times and days when your company is not open. The PantazisCars booking system will have the possibility for automatic charging of delivery-pickup when it is done outside working hours and the possibility of setting different hours for weekdays and respectively for Saturday and Sunday.

Extra benefits and choice of charges according to the type of car

The car rental software will be changed to allow for different extras (child seat, gps, etc.), which the customer will select and the cost will be automatically calculated in order to form the final charge of the customer..

Car rental price list by season - Price changes and offers

Prices will be set dynamically each day, for each group of cars depending on the rental days and depending on the time period - season and then the system automatically applies the prices to all types of cars belonging to each group.

Changing prices will be done very quickly both on a single car type or on a whole group in no time with just a few clicks.

The offers will be defined in a similar way, by type of car. Smart discount coupons & with the possibility of different discounts depending on the duration of the rental will be included in the development of the car rental website.

Car booking management (rent a car)

The administrator will easily see and manage all reservations and availability of vehicles with a glance through the management panel. In real time he will be able to edit, add and remove reservations, manage the pick-up and delivery locations of vehicles and their availability.

Data security and accessibility

Thanks to the online booking for business RAC implemented by our company our client will be able to access it from anywhere, with the passwords. The system is installed and operated on our own server with security certificates and our company will be responsible for the backup of all data, as well as restoring them within 24 hours in case of failure. 

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