Eshop development for jewlerry products

The development of an eshop for jewelry with energy stones was completed by the team of woocommerce experts of Bluemind Digital Marketing Services.

The new eshop that we completed was designed to provide clear content and easy use for the user to quickly make purchases. The eshop development for energy stone jewelry was created on the WooCommerce - WordPress platform to make it easy to manage.

The development of an online store for the promotion of Silver Armonia handmade jewelry was carried out for the distribution of products in Greece in order to increase profits from online sales.

kataskevi eshop gia kosmimata kai eidi doron 2

Especially in the development of eshop with jewelry we took into account the "needs" of the female audience, as jewelry is one of the most favorite products of women. We follow the same logic in the development of an eshop for clothes, accessories, cosmetics.

To meet the needs of our client and the online audience, we chose to design a modern eshop with all the innovative functions required by modern ecommerce.

Strategically we chose to move to a simple template, so that the handmade jewelry "steals" the impressions. The simple design fits our client's philosophy and his products.

And because at Bluemind Digital Marketing we are interested in delivering complete works, we included in the construction of the eshop and the blog section.

We enriched the blog from the beginning with texts written by our team, in order to give an extra boost to the eshop and to be recognized by search engines as relevant to the object that we want to promote.

Website copywriting is a useful service for our clients, as they can have the right content on their website based on SEO rules set by search engines.

The eshop construction included techniques to increase loading speed, responsive design for screen adaptation to mobile devices and search engines, on site SEO.

The results of developing an eshop with SEO

The result of the eshop construction for the Silver Armonia store was the full coverage of the needs and goals set from the beginning by our client in the most efficient way.

…and because at Bluemind Digital Marketing we like to let our clients talk about our work, the owner of Silver Armonia, Ms. Anelia Mankova said the following about our work:

“I worked with Bluemind to build an eshop and I was very pleased.
I continue with them in the promotion for the eshop silver-armonia.gr I had suffered a lot for a year in order to realize my online store as I wanted with various technicians I tried in the past.

Bluemind Digital Marketing in less than a month delivered my online store ready and with all the products organized in categories.

In addition, they created the first texts for the website's blog and where I needed their intervention to adapt the content they were by my side.

Thanks a lot Bluemind!”

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