Eshop development with ERP connection

At Bluemind Digital Marketing Services we undertake the development of eshops with ERP connection. The eshop interface with the warehouse management system (ERP) is now a prerequisite for organized businesses that want to dominate the modern ecommerce.

For the development of an eshop and its connection with ERP at Bluemind Digital Marketing, we have a stable collaboration with certified ERP technicians of SoftOne and Entersoft companies, in order to install integrated solutions (connectors) based on the Web Services of the above companies and the e-commerce platforms (CMS ) Opencart, WooCommerce and Magento.

Developing an eshop with erp connection is an extremely important job, which requires the expertise and cooperation of erp technicians and eshop technicians.

The complete management of the eshop interface with ERP by our team, which consists of web developers and erp developers, frees companies from the time-consuming process of coordinating the technicians who have undertaken the construction of the eshop and the technicians who support the erp functions.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning.

The ERP system manages finance, commercial management, supply chain, product distribution, wholesale and retail customer relations, sales, marketing, etc.

E-shop development with ERP connection – The benefits of ERP connection

If ERP is considered a necessary tool for the smooth operation of your business, regardless of size and sector, then especially for an eshop it is absolutely necessary! The eshop conection with erp makes the introduction of products into the online store easier and also allows easy management of them in stocks, pricing policy, issuance of documents, etc.

Eshop development with ERP connection

In order to understand how important ERP is in the eshop and in general in ecommerce, we will try to outline the audience that chooses online shopping and the requirements it has.

The trend of online shopping is here to stay in the post covid era and online shopping has become a habit. As online stores increase in number, competition intensifies as well as the level of customer service.

Regarding the profile of consumers who prefer online shopping they belong to the middle and upper class (more). This fact implies stricter customer care evaluation conditions (as long as it is a question of higher level consumers).

The accuracy in the availability of the products displayed in the eshop, as well as the observance of the delivery time, are two critical factors for the public who chooses to buy from online stores. These functions can be automatically monitored by the ERP.

Another very important function that "frees the hands" of those involved in e-commerce, is the automatic entry of eshop customer data directly into the ERP. In just a few seconds, each new customer is registered in the store's central system, with no duplicate updates required.

The invoicing and issuing of shipping documents through the ERP system are done automatically from the data it draws from the eshop.

The benefits of connecting eshop with ERP

By connecting the ERP with the eshop, everything is done automatically without needlessly consuming working hours and this is the most important part of customer care and the good experience of the customer from the online store he trusted to buy his products.

Businesses save time and money, as the inventory and products are updated in the ERP and the eshop is automatically updated. Accordingly, the purchase data from the eshop is transferred online to the ERP.

Eshop development with erp 90% subsidy

Bluemind Digital Marketing is a supplier in the development of eshops and in the development of technologies for eshops in the program of the “ESPA”  "Digital Tools " and can offer you complete services of development of eshops and also of upgrading eshops - erp connection with a 90% subsidy

Our experience and know-how in the development of e-shops, as well as in the requirements of the “ESPA”, give us the advantage to create e-shops that fully support your needs and your online sales.

So, if you want to develop an eshop with an ERP connection, you have already found your right partners. Contact us by email at [email protected]

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