Website development with SEO

Why building a website with SEO pays off more? For us and the clients we work with, building a website is more than just an “online presence”.

  • It is an important engine of business development
  • It is the #1 digital marketing asset
  • and the #1 digital trend for your brand awareness!

That's why, at Bluemind Digital Marketing Services that based in Greece, we want you to think differently about "website design" and what kind of website developer you should hire to develop your website.

Specifically, we want you to separate the art of web design from the science of proper web and eshop design.

At Bluemind we are not just website and e-shop developers when it comes to creating websites (designing attractive websites), we are internet marketing and e-commerce scientists as we study, experiment and practice our skills so that we can create websites and e-shops that lead to rapid business growth.

What is SEO web development ?

Developing a website with SEO is the most appropriate way to create websites. The website that has included SEO in its construction has a significant advantage over its competitors.

The goal of every website is to have the best possible ranking in Google so that interested parties can find the products or services of the business based on their search.

If your website does not appear in Google then it is very difficult to consider results on digital marketing.

Website development with SEO advantages

Developing  a website with SEO ensures that your website:

 - Functions well, has structure and organized content with customer targeting strategy

 - It is fast, secure and reliable

- It has content created based on SEO rules, which is a competitive advantage of your business to achieve the optimal ranking position in Google and search engines (Yahoo, Bing, etc.) for the ever-increasing traffic from interested parties about your products or services.

Website development with Bluemind

At Bluemind we undertake website development with SEO for businesses such as:

  • Developing a hotel accommodation website (online booking)
  • Developing a car rental website (online booking)
  • Developing a boat rental website (online booking)
  • Developing a website for the sale of used cars (connected with car.gr, autoagora.gr etc.)
  • Developing websites for business premises with the possibility of a virtual tour
  • Developing Corporate/Business Websites
  • Developing Εducational/E-learning Websites
  • Developing websites offering services with subscription

We develop dynamic websites with potential, special software, multilingual capability, impressive website functions, easy user navigation and impressive appearance that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Assigning us the development of your business website:

  • We will help you develop a website that will serve your needs 24/7 without downtimes that create a bad impression for your website visitors.
  • We will develop a contemporary image and content layout that communicates the organization and credibility that comes with your brand.
  • We will organize the response actions of visitors to your website so that they take the action you want them to (such as call you, email you or fill out a contact form).
  • We will offer you personalized service and immediate response by keeping the times we have promised you.

In a few words, we will create a central online information hub to help you dominate your online presence.

In order for this to happen, we need to make sure you understand the process, the experience and expertise required to do this successfully, and exactly what you are investing in.

Step #1 Discovery to build a website with SEO

Every website project should start with a discovery phase that includes key-word research, competitor research, general market research and a review of the existing site as well as a full SEO Audit if you have an existing website and more. The Discovery process provides us with raw data related to how the site should be structured, what pages should be there, and what type of content should be on those pages.

 In a few words, the Discovery process ensures that what we build has a high chance of being effective in achieving business goals.

Step #2 Site Map on website development with SEO

We use information from the Discovery process to create a site map for your new website. This ensures that each page of your website has a purpose and that is achieved by having a strategic structure.

The design of this site architecture (site map) is important for both SEO and User Experience which is necessary to be done in the design and development phase of the website.

 Many freelancers and companies don't design a proper website architecture, which is a costly mistake in time and money.

We ensure that your website has a proper site map before we start building the website.

Step #3 UX Design for website development with SEO

Given that every website has a unique goal and each page serves a different purpose, it's only natural that each page requires a unique layout and content structure.

The purpose of the correct layout of the pages is to make it easier for the visitor to navigate and communicate with you. Understanding the content requires a lot of experience and expertise.This is called UX Design – and it is the design of the experience that the user will have as they browse the website.

Effective UX design can more than double or triple your site's conversion rate while reducing your site's bounce rate.

Step #4 SEO Content

All of the above actions merge into creating content for your website. The content hosted on your website is created based on SEO rules. Texts and photos are adjusted with Google's requirements and ensure that your company can have a very good ranking in the organic results of the search engine. In addition, the lowest advertising costs in Google Ads are guaranteed.

Having a website created by our company ensures that you won't have to change your website for years to come. We will also deliver you a website that is ready for promotion!

Interested in building a website with SEO? Then contact us at +30 210 8662975 or send us an email at [email protected]

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