Accounting firm promotion with SEO & Google Ads - Case Study       

How did we help an accounting firm increase its organic traffic by 193%, increase its new users by 511% and increase the number of incoming calls by 2,440%?

SEO and Google Ads promotion boosted the accounting company

The problem with which the client approached Bluemind was multi-faceted and required a carefull approach. Although his accounting firm still had solid business from clients recomendations, its online presence was severely lacking.

The problems of the firm’s online presence

The two key metrics behind the success of their online presence were the number of calls they received through their website and the number of calls that eventually converted to customers.

The main problem we identified at Bluemind was the lack of new users on their website, which directly translated into an extremely low volume of calls through the website.

The client's second concern was that he was having trouble converting phone calls to customers, mainly due to misaligned interests.

The project we undertook on behalf of the accounting firm

Bluemind was tasked with running a new content development initiative that would drive new interest to the client's website through SEO optimization. Additionally, we were tasked with ensuring that the new content was relevant and useful to the clientele the accounting firm hoped to attract to improve call conversions.

Once the SEO based website optimization was showing the first results, we would transfer this success to the implementation of a Google Ads campaign which would be integral in boosting call numbers as well as call conversions.

The process

Bluemind launched the accounting firm's SEO campaign and after that the Google Ads campaign with the following:

  • Performed technical website audit to identify technical issues that hindered website development
  • Identified key issues that were delaying further development and driving
  • Analyzed business model and current content for SEO review
  • Studied the organic and the paid search results
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Schedule campaigns for launch

The solution

Bluemind has the expertise, experience and resources to offer promotional services with digital marketing accounting firms and accounting and tax firms. On the other hand, the client had many years of experience in specialized accounting services and the resources in human resources and portofolio to respond to the promotion of integrated accounting, tax services and payroll management for companies that want to establish a branch in Greece.

Bluemind was able to determine that the majority of issues that were preventing the accounting firm from growing were technical and strategic.

One of the first and easiest improvements we made was getting the client to buy the .com version of their site. Since the accounting firm was based in Greece, it exclusively used a .gr web address. The .com version of their site was integral to helping drive traffic to their main site through searches.

We then focused on their content strategy, including high-quality keywords and informative content that provided much-needed value to their existing website.

As the new content initiative was underway, we also performed the necessary maintenance on their website to remove dead links, redundant or irrelevant pages and improved the layout and readability of the website.

Through this process, we were able to add a significant number of high quality backlinks.

Finally, we reviewed the accounting firm's past ad campaigns and worked to de-duplicate between ad groups while tailoring ad copy to better target audiences that were more likely to convert.

With this process, we launched a Google Ads campaign and implemented goal tracking for phone calls and contact form completions made from the website.

The results in promoting the accounting firm

At the start of the campaign, Bluemind focused on improving the accounting firm's SEO presence on Google. By optimizing the website's existing content and creating a new content plan, we were able to drastically improve their ranking in Google's organic results.

View website traffic shares based on Traffic Sources from Google Analytics. Our focus on SEO is reflected in the following pie photo showing traffic shares and in blue, traffic that came from the accounting firm appearing in Google's organic results.

On the right, the monthly visits to the website and the places where these visits came from are shown.

Results of SEO and google ads accounting
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