Digital marketing services: how to choose a company?

Choosing the right company in digital marketing services is a really difficult task, especially when you don't have the necessary knowledge.

We often see that many companies introduce themselves as digital marketing experts without the title following the reality. And many times we have taken on clients where most digital marketing tools had to be "built" from the start to be properly structured and deliver results.

Being a Digital Marketing Expert means being constantly trained on the daily changes that are required, whether it's for your website or your promotion.  Also, to hold the title in its essence you need to have knowledge of the requirements of the industry your client operates in.

At Bluemind Digital Marketing Services we want to be a specialized digital marketing company and we dedicate more than 20 hours every week for techniques related to adding new features (ecommerce marketing tools) to eshops and websites, but also for all changes in website promotion.

Understanding the demands of the times and the distrust of businesses interested in digital marketing services, we will try to give you some tools that you can test your prospective partners before entrusting them with the digital marketing of your business.

Visit the website of the digital marketing company you are about to choose

  • Take a close look at the website's content. Is it well stractured?
  • Can you find out what services does the company provides by only using the home page?
  • Does it have SSL next to domain name or is it «Not Secure»?
πως να διαλέξετε εταιρεία digital marketing
  • Is it's blog updated or it has been a long time since the posted an article?
  • Do you just see a number of customers (e.g. 3,000 customers trust us) or do they prove their value with real problems they have successfully solved?

Check the quality of the digital marketing company's website you are about to choose with free seo tools

A company that is an expert in what it offers, logically, should have a website with a very good SEO score. Μάθετε τι είναι το SEO εδώ.

If your prospective partner's website has very good SEO results you have ensured the following:

  • Is familiar with Google's terms
  • You will create an eshop or a website that will have at least a good on site SEO
  • He cares about what he does and is obviously aware of the changes needed.
  • If he applies the rules of SEO first for his company, then he will do it for your business too.

A good SEO requires appropriate content, website speed, quality backlinks, regular site error correction, reliable hosting, social media interaction.

And here's the best!

Check the expertise of your prospective partner using a free SEO SCORE application.

For our example we will use the SEOBILITY application. Click on the link and it will take you directly to the place where you can do the test. In the field that asks for a URL, enter the name of your prospective partner's website, for example: bluemind.gr

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Then click "Analyze website" and the seo checker tool will scan the website and give you the score result in percentages.

Over 70% seo score is a satisfactory score. This means that your prospective partner does not have an abandoned website, but makes sure to implement all the necessary technical upgrades, as well as to enrich its content with SEO. In this case you can safely proceed with your cooperation.

Value-added digital marketing services

At Bluemind Digital Marketing every time we have to deal with a skeptical prospective client we recommend the above screening process.

The reason we do this is because we fully understand that many businesses have been plagued by various "digital marketing experts". And because we have no other more reliable way to prove our expertise, we offer interested clients this audit.

At Bluemind on a weekly basis we make sure to update our website with case studies, success stories and useful news about digital marketing and e-commerce, which aim to facilitate businesses in the methods they follow for eshop or website construction and promotion.

We create quality backlinks by writing articles on news sites and share our knowledge as much as possible. We actively participate in forums that are relevant to our field of activity.

Complete digital marketing packages

It is important that online marketing services are offered in comprehensive digital marketing packages so that you can agree on the one that best suits your needs..

By "digital marketing services package" we do not mean how many social media posts your partner will provide you, but we are talking about a package that will be tailored according to the type of your products or services, the needs of your industry and your competition.

For example, the Google My Business tool can't help a clothing eshop as much as Google Shopping Ads, unless we want to boost the physical store. Similarly an accounting firm will be helped more with LinkedIn than with Facebook.

The prospective digital marketing partner should have researched your competition at least on Google and Social Media and checked your competitors' websites.

The best investment in digital marketing by the company you choose is, to be able to get you in front of those who are interested in your products or services. Every dollar you spend on digital marketing services make sure that it brings you a better ranking on search engines like Google.

Bluemind's digital marketing services

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