Website development based on SEO for FELLACHIDIS SA company

The developmentof a website with SEO for the company "FELLAHIDIS S.A." was completed by the team of Bluemind Digital Marketing Services.

The development of a website for the company "FELLAHIDIS S.A." was implemented in order to promote the company's dough products to a wide audience worldwide, as well as to attract new customers for the high quality products that it produces with passion.

In the specific project for the development of the website by Bluemind, our main objective was to provide all the necessary information about the products and the production and distribution services of the company FELLAHIDIS in a direct and concise way.

In order to achieve this we developed a modern website with SEO both in the technical part and in the content. The website development includes a multilingual environment, initially two languages, Greek and English, while there is the possibility of displaying the content in additional languages.

Besides, developing websites in more than one language ensures significant results both in the country where a company operates and abroad.

The project of website development - Success Story

The company "FELLAHIDIS S.A." is a company with a 100-year history in the production of bakery products and puff pastry, while it continues today to be one of the leading Greek companies of frozen dough products.

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The main objective of the company is to promote its products in Greece and abroad, in order to have a larger market share in the wholesale of dough products.

The company produces a wide variety of baked goods, puff pastries and other delicious dough products daily in its state-of-the-art, privately owned facilities, observing all safety measures in the production and distribution of its products.

In order to effectively support our client's business goals we proceeded to develop a website with SEO.

Developing a website that is optimized in SEO gives the business the ability to have the optimal ranking in Google's organic results. Designing a modern and dynamic website with scalability to future functions is a must for businesses that aim to strengthen their online presence.

The new website of "FELLAHIDIS SA" is characterized by ease of navigation, simplicity and high aesthetic effect.

Of course, none of this would make sense if the content was not fully aligned with the company's profile and the overall philosophy of its people.

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Website development with SEO

The website design with SEO of the company "FELLAHIDIS SA" was based on four main pillars:

#1 Discovery for the website development based on SEO

Every website building project at Bluemind starts with a discovery phase that includes keyword research, competitor research, general market research and a review of the existing Google organic ranking position.

The Discovery process provides us with raw data related to how the site should be structured, what pages should exist and what type of content should be on those pages.

In short, the Discovery process ensures that what we build has a good chance of being effective in achieving the goals that businesses have.

#2 Website sitemap

We used the information from the Discovery process to create a sitemap for the new website. This ensures that each page of the site has a purpose and that purpose is achieved by having a strategic structure.

The design of this site architecture (sitemap) is important for both SEO and User Experience, as it is necessary to be done in the design and development phase of the website.

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#3 UX Design

Given that each website has a unique goal and each page of the website serves a different purpose, it is natural that each page requires a unique layout and content structure. Proper page layout makes it easier for visitors to navigate and communicate with the company.

UX Design is the design of the experience the user will have while browsing the website we build. Effective UX design can more than double the conversion rate on a website.

#4 SEO Content

All the above actions were merged in the creation of content for the website "FELLAHIDIS S.A.". The content hosted on the company's website has been created based on SEO rules.

The texts and multimedia material of the website follow Google's requirements and the company ensures that it can have the best ranking in the organic results of the search engine. In addition, it ensures the lowest advertising costs in Google Ads advertising.

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Website development by Bluemind Digital Marketing

Developing a website from our company guarantees that you will not have to change your business website for years to come. We design websites with scalability in a multi-language environment and features that will meet your every future need.

In web development we follow all the SEO rules both in the technical part and in the publication of the content. We also deliver a website that is ready for promotion having the knowledge of the requirements for Google and social media advertising.

Website development

Technical characteristics of website development for the company "FELLAHIDIS S.A." and description of our services:

Website design: Dynamic website

Website type: Professional product presentation website in catalogue format

Platform: WordPress

Catalog site Plugin: WooCommerce

Services: Web design - Web design, Web development, Web development, Keywords Planning, Text writing for SEO, Image editing, Web hosting

Client's website: https://fellachidis.gr/

Developer: www.bluemind.gr

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