Eshop development for traditional products

Bluemind Digital Marketing Services has completed the development of an eshop with traditional products of Central Greece. ERKYNA wanted to renew the old website and integrate an e-shop into the website.

Eshop development for social cooperative enterprise ERKYNA

The Social Cooperative Enterprise "ERKYNA" was initially created by six dynamic and passionate women from Livadia, full of passion for local gastronomy, in an effort to find a solution to promote employment and tackle poverty and unemployment. 

With an emphasis on local agricultural products, "ERKYNA" continues to dynamically place its products in various parts of Greece, always based on collectivity, solidarity and personal contribution and work. It is a good practice and combines in a harmonious way tradition with innovative thinking.

The construction of an eshop for the traditional products of Erkina is another important step for the promotion of the products in Greece and abroad.

Eshop development with wordpress - woocommerce

Bluemind for the development of ERKYNA eshop utilized the capabilities of wordpress - woocommerce. Wordpress - woocommerce offers security and scalability in the development of a website - eshop. The ERKYNA website is fully scalable to new functions and tools that will be needed in the future according to the requirements and dynamics of e-commerce.

In addition, wordpress - woocommerce ensures easy product management, the functionality "upsells" for incremental sales, and the parallel B2C and B2B functionality that was required based on the project requirements.

eshop development erkyna

The innovations we applied to the eshop construction

I. On site SEO

On site SEO is all the actions and interventions on the website in order to achieve a better position in the search engine results.

Content architecture

On each page of the ERKYNA website we applied SEO techniques so that search engines can see the content to rank it in their archives. The proper architecture and structure of the website and the eshop allows search engines such as Google to go through all pages and even with the minimum number of links from the home page to any other page of the website.

Title Tags

The title tag was adjusted to what ERKYNA is so that it properly describes the page. It is the second most important element in On Site SEO and it shows up in browsers, Google and other search engine results.

The title tag should be an accurate description of each page and helps both in search engine optimization and the overall visitor experience.

Meta Description Tags

The meta description tag is the text that appears below the title in search engine results. Properly tailoring them with targeted keywords on the ERKYNA website gives it the advantage to increase click-through.

Content and page stracture

The most important parameter for the ranking of a page is its content and it is what will lead it to the first positions of the results. With quality content and properly structured -according to the targeted keywords- the website ranks in the best possible position in Google's organic results.

II. Affilliate Marketing

In eshop development for a Social Cooperative Enterprise (CSO) it is important to have a social strategy. Given that "ERKYNA" promotes employment and the fight against poverty and unemployment, we implemented the affiliate marketing feature on its website.  

With the affiliate marketing on the website:

  • Promote your products or services with zero financial risk.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website or collect entries to competitions at a cost you set.
  • Pay your partners only for valid, confirmed and measurable results.
  • Increase your SEO
III. High page loading speed

Google rewards page speed and shows fast web pages in a better position than others that have a delay in loading.

The loading speed of the website and eshop for ERKYNA is achieved in 1''-2''' seconds. Based on this our client's website ensures:

  • Reduction of the bounce rate from 90% to 32% (Source)
  • 70% increase in the time the visitor will spend in the eshop - good visitor experience
eshop development erkyna with traditional products

Functions that were added while the eshop was being developed

  1. responsive custom template for direct adaptation to mobile devices (cell phones and tablets)
  2. Multilingual environment (Greek– English)
  3. Interface with bank, paypal
  4. automatic calculation of transport costs per county - city
  5. automatic cash on delivery calculation
  6. discount policy (discount rates & coupon)
  7. wish list
  8. contact form
  9. newsletter subscribe form
  10. search for products with filters
  11. sending orders to the e-shop administrator by email after their completion by the e-shop users
  12. abandoned cart function / purchase completion reminder
  13. appear on google maps
  14. eshop connected to Facebook - Instagram Pages

Eshop blogs

The texts of the ERKYNA website were created by the Bluemind team. The copywriting for websites at Bluemind Digital Marketing is done by professional editors - writers in collaboration with digital marketing experts. The cooperation between them is essential, as before writing a text, the competition and the dynamics of searches by Google users should be checked.

Eshop development for social cooperative enterprise

Developing an eshop for ERKYNA was an interesting "journey" for the Bluemind team. "ERKYNA" we were given the opportunity to understand the specifics of a Joint Venture and to delve into the concept of "Social Economy".

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